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Journey Within: Cultivating Spiritual Smarts in Midlife.

Curious about your S.E.L.F.-awareness?

Can you relate to any of these?

Yet, there has been a lingering feeling in the back of your mind—a quiet desire for something more. That subtle, persistent nudge that's been telling you there's a deeper level of fulfillment and purpose waiting to be explored.

But, you've been feeling stuck lately and unsure of which direction to take. You know you have the strength and resilience to handle whatever comes your way, but right now, your thoughts have been clouded, and your path forward has felt uncertain.

You've achieved success, and you’re genuinely happy with what you've accomplished.

You're strong and independent.  

You've achieved so much in your life and you're ready to share your life with someone.  

You've been single and have been struggling to find the right one. Despite your best efforts, it seems like the perfect match has often been just out of reach. You know what you desire in a partner, but the journey to find that special someone has been challenging.


You're smart, ambitious, creative, and you've got common sense.

But you’ve been repeating the same mistakes, even though you logically know there needs to be a change. Despite your good intentions, your actions have not followed your logical thoughts of what’s good for you. You understand what needs to be done, yet you’re unsure why you haven't broken this cycle and align your actions with what you know is right.

And then those nagging doubts that pop up whenever you try to make a change on your own:

  • Will I really be able to change and become better?

  • Am I capable of sustaining these changes in the long term?

  • What if my efforts to find mySELF end up making things worse?

  • Can I handle the discomfort and challenges that come with personal growth?

  • Will others accept or reject the new version of me?

  • Am I truly deserving of finding my true SELF?

You say you know yourself.

You've often been prioritizing pleasing others over fulfilling your own needs or been using humor to downplay your mistakes, which can sometimes mask your true feelings. You've been feeling uncertain about who you are or what drives you. You might doubt yourself, second-guess your choices, or feel unsure about your feelings. You may have come across as confident or even arrogant, yet deep down, you're sensitive and caring, though pride has been hindering you from showing this side of yourself.

It feels like everything you thought was solid ground has suddenly shifted beneath you, leaving your thoughts in disarray. It’s unsettling and confusing, and you’re left wondering why it’s happening. You worry that embracing a new version of yourself might mean losing who you are now and that you won’t be able to handle your feelings, thoughts, and actions. You might have some misconceptions about spirituality, like thinking it involves wearing robes and smelling like incense or that it requires giving up your current lifestyle for a commune. But spirituality is much deeper and more personal than these stereotypes. It’s about discovering deeper meaning, forging connections, and living authentically, all while staying true to your SELF. That’s where I come in—to help you navigate a path of spiritual growth that resonates with your unique values and dreams.


This 30 minute call will give you time to share what your current goals are and to see if there's a fit with my services. I'm dedicated to serving you on this call.

Meet Josee

Certified SELF-awareness coach | SELF-mastery coach | Rapid Resolution Therapy™ Facilitator | Creator of the Spiritually S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™ Path

"On my journey of self-discovery, I embarked on a quest to find the missing piece of my life puzzle – SELF-awareness. As I delved into the depths of my being, I learned to embrace my flaws and celebrate my strengths. I realized that the "worth" I was feeling wasn't something I was born with but rather taught. As I cultivated a deeper self-acceptance, I reignited my heart's desires and let it guide me toward living my best life and finding inner peace.

Little did I know that this transformation would pave the way for a love story, new opportunities, and a successful career beyond my wildest dreams."- Josee

-SallyAnn, Ph.D, CCC-SLP

"Josee challenges old ways of thinking and patterns of behavior while being compassionate at the same time." 

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"When Your Mind and Your Heart Are Aligned, Everything Is Possible."

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