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The Heart Decoder

Heart Decoder | Speaker | Truth Seeker

"Whether you are at the peak of your career and making all the money in the world or needing guidance for your next move, there is a subtle imposter that could stop you from living your best life! Josee helped me find the truths in my heart and reach the pinnacle of a life I thought I was already living. She is truly gifted." - Phyllis M., MD

"The Only Way To Happiness Is Through The Heart."


Meet Josee

Heart Decoder | Speaker | Truth Seeker

The owner of the multi-award-winning wellness studio Palmetto Yoga & Wellness Oasis (www.palmetto.yoga) in Columbia, South Carolina, Josee has served hundreds of clients as a wellness advocate, certified life coach, Reiki master, and yoga teacher. Her current work as a heart decoder coach, an empowerment speaker, and a life path catalyst is allowing her to bring her message and her gifts to a global audience.

Her holistic approach through stories, anecdotes, and personal insights brings her audience clarity, direction, and positive support – guiding them beyond whom they think they are and what they think they can accomplish.

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What I Specialize In

"When Your Mind and Your Heart Are Aligned, Everything Is Possible."


"Josee challenges old ways of thinking and patterns of behavior while being compassionate at the same time." 

-SallyAnn, Ph.D, CCC-SLP


"I cannot express enough how my Reiki treatments and personal coaching from Josee created such a great foundation for my success. I would not have wanted to do it without her guidance. You owe it to yourself to include her in your everyday journey. Thank you, Josee!"

- Jeannie C.


Josee pushed me in all the right ways. I took a deep inventory of myself and my priorities. Josee taught me that we create our own happiness. With her help, I saw clearly for the first time in years what I needed to do to create my best life experience.

- Isabel D.