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Meet Josee

Heart Decoder™ | Speaker | Self-Love Coach & Wellness Retreat Leader

"From the depths of homelessness, I refused to surrender to despair. Instead, I chose to see it as an opportunity for rebirth and growth. With unyielding determination, I embarked on a journey to reclaim my life. Through grit and resilience, I harnessed my skills, my talents, cultivated self-love, and laid the foundations for what has become a multi-six-figure yoga studio and wellness oasis, a successful life coaching business, and meeting the man of my dreams." - Josee

The owner of the multi-award-winning wellness studio Palmetto Yoga & Wellness Oasis ( in Columbia, South Carolina, Josee has served hundreds of clients as a wellness advocate, certified life coach, Reiki master, and yoga teacher. Her current work as a life coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and leader of soldout women's retreat allows her to bring her message and gifts to a global audience. 

This 7-step spiritual guide is for strong midlife women seeking purpose beyond traditional norms. This path is created for career-driven women, often in life transitions and looking for new ways to connect with their mental and spiritual health. It teaches them how to tap into their hearts and unlock the key to a fulfilling existence, paving the way for joy, abundance, and meaningful connections. Embracing self-love and cultivating SELF-awareness catalyze transformation, inspiring them to reach for their dreams and manifest greatness.


A native of Canada, Josee speaks fluent French and English. She is an innovator, a mover, and a shaker. She is always looking to make the world a better place. Being a business owner and empowering others is in her blood. Her curiosity, drive, and ambition took her on many unconventional roads, including being an artist and tour manager in the music industry with both up-and-coming and A-list artists. That path was a great accomplishment and one of her most demanding challenges. It was also one of her biggest blessings. Illness forced her to leave everything behind and take the risk to start over. Day by day, she poured her heart and soul into this venture, overcoming countless challenges and obstacles. She looked deeper at her life and made the necessary changes to live a healthier, balanced, and meaningful heart-led life. Josee embarked on a long spiritual and truth-seeking journey through extensive holistic studies with the guidance of mentors, teachers, and spiritual and business coaches.


Over time, she nurtured a profound SELF-awareness that not only bolstered her confidence and sharpened her business acumen but also ignited a fervent drive to employ her talents in aiding women walking the same path she once trod. As fate would have it, this SELF-awareness guided her into the loving embrace of the man she had always dreamt of and stoked the fires of her entrepreneurial insight. It also unveiled her true calling as a Heart Decoder™, empowering women professionals to unveil the weight of their overwhelming workloads and yearning for authentic self-love, SELF-awareness, heart-aligned success, and genuine romantic connections.

Josee is the creator of the Spiritually S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™ Path.


The Early Years

I was lost in the whirlwind of an overworked life, dedicating every ounce of my energy to my career and neglecting my own happiness. My days blurred into nights as work consumed my existence, leaving little room for personal connections or the pursuit of love. I was 45, unmarried, and childless. However, fate had something extraordinary in store for me. In the course of my quest for self-love and SELF-awareness, I crossed paths with the man of my dreams – someone who saw and cherished me for exactly who I was. With him, I found a love that complemented the love I had discovered for myself. Through his love, I discovered a reservoir of strength and determination that continues to drive me forward. With him as my constant support, I am confident that our love will be the foundation upon which I continue to build a future that surpasses all expectations. Together, we embody the true essence of a power couple, and I am forever grateful for the love that empowers me to reach new heights every day. Our love story became a testament to the power of self-love, proving that when we learn to love ourselves and connect with our true SELF fully, we open the door to embracing and being embraced by the love of a lifetime. - Josee

Josee currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina.  She is married to her retired US Army husband (24 years of service), Trevor (aka, as he now calls himself cabana boy and house husband to me, lol!), and is a fur mommy to their three cats, CanJee, Fifi and Selene.


☼ As a heart decoder™, she uses her intuitive gifts to interpret the hidden messages of the willing audience members' hearts or her 1:1 clients, revealing possibilities that offer clarity and greater awareness of the self.

☼ As an empowerment speaker, she delivers a powerful and transformative message of her Spiritually  S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™ path, inspiring her audience and clients to tap into their best selves. By sharing her personal story of overcoming her life challenges of emotional, physical, and alcohol abuse to now celebrating sobriety, a happy and healthy marriage, and building her multi-six-figure brick-and-mortar business, she offers solution-based guidance and wisdom, empowering others to do the work necessary to implement change in their lives.

☼ As a life path catalyst, she facilitates life-changing processes that allow clients to own who they are, share their gifts, and live authentically from their hearts.

☼ As an entrepreneur, she continues to brainstorm her new projects, methods, or innovations to bring healing to the world. 

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