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Love & Marriage After 40

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Welcome to "Love & Marriage After 40" with Josee & Trevor Madison, your destination for candid discussions about the delicate balance of independence and togetherness in a long-lasting marriage. Having met in our mid-40s and now celebrating nearly 11 years of wedded bliss, we've learned a great deal about starting love later in life.


Join us as we share the secrets to our thriving relationship and how you too can make it work.


Josee Madison, a certified Self-Love and Relationship Coach, is dedicated to empowering women aged 40 and beyond to find love by embracing their strengths, nurturing their femininity, and staying true to their authentic selves. She discovered love herself at 45, adding a personal touch to her journey.


As the owner of the renowned Palmetto Yoga & Wellness Oasis in Columbia, South Carolina, she has impacted hundreds of clients with her expertise as a wellness advocate, certified self-love and relationship coach, Reiki master, and yoga teacher. In her current roles as a Heart Decoder™, speaker, entrepreneur, and leader of sought-after women's retreats, Josee continues to catalyze positive life transformations and shares her message and gifts with a global audience as well as with her 1:1 clients.


Trevor Madison, a retired US Army Religious Affairs Specialist (24 years of service), whose career was dedicated to nurturing soldiers on their journey towards balanced and healthier lives, whether single or married. Now, in his role as a house-husband and podcaster with Josee, he's found a new mission: being the house-husband and “eye candy” for his wife! . For more information on Josee, visit her website at:

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