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"Josee’s story is such an inspiration. We just need that uncomfortable action to truly manifest the life we want."


- Cynthia Concordia, "Dream to Rise" Podcast.

Podcast Guest Appearances

A Quest for Well-Being

Your Heart Knows Your Truths A Path To Happiness— JOSEE MADISON 


Dream to Rise Podcast

Episode 43: Can You Possibly Train Your Mind for Ultimate Success? - Interview with Josee Madison

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Josee Madison's presence speaks for itself.  She is fun, engaging, wise, and loving. Josee gifted me and my podcast audience with a high dose of heart-centered wisdom that reflected her commitment to transforming lives. If you are contemplating having Josee on your show, it is a strong sign that your heart is ready to express and share its love and beauty with the world.

— Valeria T. Koopman, Founder of Fit for Joy

Host of A Quest for Well-Being Podcast, and Author

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