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Why Hire Me - Heart Decoder

Why Hire Me - Heart Decoder

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Josee Madison - Speaker

Josee Madison - Speaker

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Josee Madison

Heart Decoder | Speaker | Entrepreneur



“One of my favorite things is giving talks, be it at my yoga studio or at public events. Everyone is inspired and empowered when I am done. They leave confident and ready to make positive changes to live their best life authentically and with happy hearts.  By sharing my personal story and how to move past life challenges, they feel they are not alone and that anything is possible, and then some!”

"Josee’s story is such an inspiration. We just need that uncomfortable action so we can truly manifest the life we want." - Cynthia Concordia, "Dream to Rise Podcast.

Josee's holistic approach through stories, anecdotes, and personal insights brings her audience clarity, direction, and positive support – guiding them beyond whom they think they are and what they think they can accomplish.

As a heart decoder, she uses her intuitive gifts to interpret the hidden messages of the willing audience members' hearts, revealing possibilities that offer clarity and greater awareness of the self. When she speaks to an audience, she tunes into them and speaks in response to what is needed. There is excitement with that process because there’s an element of surprise and the unexpected unfolds. As an empowerment speaker, she delivers a powerful, and transformative message that leaves her audience inspired and ready to tap into their best selves.


email: info@joseemadison.

Tel: (803) 497-3156

Josee's Primary Topics Include

Other Available Topics:

  • If Not Now, When?

  • Say Yes, to Yourself


Josee is the creator of the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. method. This step-by-step spiritual method teaches individuals how to clear their limiting beliefs and manifest what they want easily and effortlessly.


It's one thing to know it, and another to live it. This topic guides the individual to understand that behind the fear, lies the pot of gold of living your best life.


A positive mind comes from a heart full of faith. Learn to find clarity by tuning into what you say and how you say it.

Podcast Guest:


Dream to Rise with Cynthia Concordia.​​