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Voices of Experience

With Josee

Follow Your Heart, It's S.M.A.R.T.E.R. than you think

“One of my favorite things is giving talks, be it at my yoga studio, conferences, summits, or among friends. Everyone is inspired and empowered when I am done. They leave confident and ready to make positive changes to live their best life and create magnificence by following their hearts.  By sharing my personal story and the path I used to move past life challenges, they feel they are not alone and that anything is possible, and then some!” - Josee

Voices of Experience

Josee Madison is a shining example of what's possible when it comes to love, career, and living your best life, no matter the age. At the age of 45, she achieved remarkable success in love and the delicate art of balancing love and career. Her journey is inspiring, having built a multi-award-winning business at 52 and a successful life coaching business at 53 while simultaneously experiencing a flourishing love life. Josee's story is a testament that you can have it all even later in life – a thriving career, a deeply fulfilling love life, and LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.


Josee is a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker, innovator, wife, and entrepreneur dedicated to transforming lives. She is the owner of the multi-award-winning wellness studio Palmetto Yoga & Wellness Oasis in Columbia, South Carolina, and has served hundreds of clients as a wellness advocate, certified life and self-awareness coach, wellness retreats leader, Reiki master, and yoga teacher. She captivates her audience with her powerful and relatable life experiences.


Josée is on a mission to shake things up regarding feeling worthy. She's firm on the idea that worthiness is not about what you've done or if you've been good. Josée is challenging the common belief that we're born automatically worthy; instead, she thinks it's something we are taught. This is significant because she recognizes that this belief system is holding many people back from tapping into the incredible potential in their hearts. She's all about inspiring folks to break free from these limiting beliefs and fully embrace the inherent gifts that are right there within every one of us.

But her message doesn’t stop there. Josee is not just a speaker, she's a visionary innovator. She's a thought leader in the field of personal development, introducing cutting-edge strategies and practices such as her 7-step Spiritually S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™Path that revolutionizes the way we approach self-worth, SELF-awareness, work-life balance and true love. Her innovative techniques provide practical, actionable steps for her audience to implement immediately, fostering a life that's both successful in their careers and in love.


Her message is clear: to guide her audience toward the essential art of putting themselves first by connecting with their hearts, fostering SELF-awareness, and harmonizing their thriving careers with love and personal fulfillment. With her compelling insights, Josee is your catalyst for personal growth and achieving the balance we all yearn for. 


Clients Include:

  • Health and Wellness Symposiums

  • Spiritual Webinars

  • Wellness Podcasts

  • Empowerment Conferences

  • Women's Health Conferences

  • Law of Attraction Special Events and Workshops

Her Spiritually S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™️ Path, a 7-step guide for strong midlife women seeking purpose beyond traditional norms. This path is created for career-driven women, often in life transitions and looking for new ways to connect with their mental and spiritual health. Also, individuals find clarity and peace in Josee’s unique approach to spirituality, which includes Heart Decoding. She has an innate ability to discern and understand unexpressed emotions and feelings that originate deep within the heart. This gift lets her pick up on subtle feelings, desires, and nuances in others' emotional states. Observing closely and being sensitive, she reveals deeper meanings beyond words, building stronger connections and empathy in her interactions. This ability enriches her relationships and allows her to provide valuable insights and support to those she encounters.

Contact: | (931) 624-6691

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